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Frans Iradi en Shanto Ijzendoorn (NL), Side Control live (Bogdi Hrnjak SRB), T!LA (NL), Electric Lord (BE), Hedera Helix live (DE) and Fluofreax (NL)

Prepare for an other night of the finest in Progressive and Psychedelic Trance…

The -S- Xperience PRESENTS:


Again a legendary evening from The -S- Xperience. Drift on the cool breeze of your night to untangle the enigma of a love.
Find the solitude to confront your soul. With the cosmos as a backdrop and waves lapping at your feet. Then talk to friends about love, peace and music…

Frans Iradi en Shanto Ijzendoorn “Nataraj Cosmic & Techno Op Blote Voeten” (NL)

Electric Lord, (GreenTree Records – BE)

Side Control Live, (Groove-Tribe Records – SRB)

T!LA (Solypaz, – NL)

Hedera Helix Live, (ZeroGravity Rec. & Sumeria Rec. – DE)

FluoFreax, (Psychedelic.FM – NL)

Da DJ Battle…


CampAttack Visuals- Rotterdam, Netherland

Lights & Multimedia Lasershows en Special Effects:

Mirage Laser group- Weurt, Netherland

STLG: Stichting Licht en Geluid- Nijmegen, Netherland


Mystic Flow


Spiral Spectrum Productions – Breda, Netherlands

Stichting Spoenk- Nijmegen, Netherland

Tijs Wolf- Nijmegen, Netherland\


TipicoDeco- Nijmegen, Netherland


Innermind – Eindhoven, Netherland

-Good news for our friends who will travel from further, party will continue till the first train departs. So dont worry, everything is out of control !


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Feel Free, Enjoy Your State Of Mind…


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